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The boys of the Diamond R Ranch

About the Author - Jack Hannah
A man of many hats - that’s Jack Hannah!  He has been blessed to have been a professional athlete, successful baseball coach, high school teacher and counselor, singer and accomplished song writer. A 1999 Cowboy Hall of Fame Wrangler Award recipient, Cowboy Jack now wears the author’s hat.  Read, Rite and Recite is the beginning to fulfilling Jack’s dream of combining his creative gifts and educational experience.  As he often says, “I’m an entertainer by profession but an educator by obsession.”  Jack invites you to saddle up and ride with him as he teaches the Boys of the Diamond R the cowboy way to Read, Rite and Recite.

Read Rite and Recite
Read Rite & Recite

About the Author - Gary Sells
When you mix a life long love for the cowboy and three decades of public school experience, add a heavy dose of enduring friendship, liberally baste with humor, then out of “The Creative Oven” POPS.... Dusty Trails.  As Cowboy Jack’s creative performing partner, Gary Sells is committed to the spirit of Read, Rite and Recite and all that the Diamond R embodies.  This mythical Ranch represents Gary’s childhood dream to be a cowboy and his love for creative writing.

The Value Mountain Trails

Value Mountain Trials
Value Mountain Trail

Raisin’ up the NEXT Generation of Cowboys is no small order. Join the Boys of the Diamond R as they travel The Value Mountain Trail in search of what it really means to be a cowboy. Raisin’up the next generation implies learning to know the truth, act with patience, cooperate, persevere with determination, and trust those who are trustworthy; learnin’ and livin’ the values of the open range. 
In the latest book from Diamond R Ranch Publishing Co., Dusty Trails and the Boys unexpectedly face the challenge to learn the values of cowboy past and present. You get to place your feet in Dusty’s boots as Cowboy Jack commissions him to lead the Boys on their first trip up a trail they’ve never traveled.  Reaching the top is not guaranteed and that fact hits the Boys squarely in their faces! Truth, patience, cooperation, perseverance and trust are revealed by the good and bad choices they make.

Raisin’ up the NEXT GENERATION OF COWBOYS requires courage, grit, and a spirit that’ll never say quit! Enjoy the ride! Vaya con Dios!

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Read, 'Rite and Recite
Diamond R Ranch Books
The Value Mountain Trail

Jack and Gary
Jack & Gary


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